Contract Signing

Who Owns the Real Estate listing Photos?!

So… your property was photographed professionally a while ago, it has been on the market way too long and you want to try listing with another or additional Real Estate agents.  Where do you get the original professional photographs from?  Do you even have a right to use them with another agent?

These are questions many vendors come unstuck with after the agreement to list contract has been signed.

What should you do?  StewArt treats this issue as; “the rights to the photographs are for those that paid for them”.  Make sure this is clear with you and your agent too.  Should you require the photographs, ask your real estate agent or contact StewArt Photography directly.  There will be a small fee involved – but a much lower price and inconvenience than a reshoot.  This fee is for the time required to locate and resupply the photographs suitable for you to reuse.

What other agents and photographers do is something you as the vendor need to be clear on before signing the agreement to list.  Always make sure you know what you are paying for when you advertise your property for sale.

Photograph with StewArt  – You know where you stand.