Crop vs Focal Length

Controversial Topic in Real Estate – Making the Rooms look Larger than Life.

When photographing interiors of buildings, commercial and homes, the employment of very wide angle lenses enables the capture of an entire room, but the perception many people have is that it exaggerates and makes the room look larger than real life.  This may be the case, however the problem is easily resolved.   If you think the room looks too large due to the wide angle capture, then cropping the photo will give the same result in appearance as photographing the room with a longer focal length lens.  You even get the option to crop the photo where you want to, not just in the center.

But you will always in any case lose the capture of the entire room.  Pros and Cons I’m afraid.    There is always going to be a compromise.

The question now is;  Do you and your market want to see a realistically sized room,  or the room in it’s uncropped entirety?

To make the service to you even greater at StewArt, photos will in future be provided in medium angle and wide angle field of view.

Now you  have an even greater selection for your marketing.