Crop vs Focal Length

Controversial Topic in Real Estate – Making the Rooms look Larger than Life.

When photographing interiors of buildings, commercial and homes, the employment of very wide angle lenses enables the capture of an entire room, but the perception many people have is that it exaggerates and makes the room look larger than real life.  This may be the case, however the problem is... Read More


So Here’s a True little Story….

So here’s a little story…. A year ago I was going to start doing high quality style Real Estate photography using special techniques. I told my friend about this – he is in a photography club, and often has club challenge days and lessons. He said – that style of... Read More


‘PREMIUM Photography’ for 2018

Now… StewArt can offer premium extreme quality Real Estate photography with a look that will stop and stun those elusive prospective buyers from the big smokes!   All Real Estate agents will receive a home interior/exterior trial photography shoot, day or dusk, which will be provided at the regular standard price... Read More

Contract Signing

Who Owns the Real Estate listing Photos?!

So… your property was photographed professionally a while ago, it has been on the market way too long and you want to try listing with another or additional Real Estate agents.  Where do you get the original professional photographs from?  Do you even have a right to use them with... Read More

RPAs FlyZone Hervey Bay

DRONE RPAs Operations according to C.A.S.A.

StewArt Photography is very proud of the fact to hold an ReOC (Remote Operators Certificate) and RePL (Remote Pilots Licence) issued by CASA.   Current CASA rules stipulate that due to the local Airport and Hospital helipad, many areas of Hervey Bay are: This is a no fly zone! Your... Read More

New Discounts for January 2018

Up until now, StewArt Photography prices have been very competitive because of the discounted Product packages that were created.  But, pricing just got more competitive! Come January 2018, these packages will have ended, however, you will then be able to create and control your own custom packages for a fantastic... Read More

BookNow Screen

BOOKING your Photography Shoot

Regular Clients have access to a Book-Now facility on this website which allows valuable and relevant information to be relayed efficiently to StewArt Photography, enabling accurate preparation for upcoming photography work. Booking through the Book-Now on the website allows the tracking of jobs.   It also gives new bookings priority in... Read More


Valued Client Priority Photo Delivery

At StewArt Photography – large volumes of photographs need to be distributed online to clients daily.  To this end, an efficient system has been developed.   It allows access by the client at anytime time without my intervention.  There is only one thing to remember, and that is the fixed ‘web-link’... Read More


Aerial Photography to Appeal!

Nothing gets the attention like a colourful aerial photograph.  Here my photo is used to highlight new property ready for sale, on the cover of the local Real Estate advertising  publication. Read More


Recent Cover Photo

The interior of this contemporary executive home was so good, it was showcased on the front cover as the real estate agencies feature photo. It is always a pleasure to photograph these special homes! Read More


The New Wagon

With the now well established aerial drone photography services in place, I needed a vehicle to get me into places with undulating and awkward gravel dirt roads. Welcome to the Subaru Outback. A more than capable SUV to allow rural back country road transportation, and with a luggage area to... Read More


A Recent Q&A

A new commercial client recently had some questions, so I thought I would give you the answers too…. “How many photos would this all likely involve,  and I presume, they are our photos to keep, and use.  Minimum 2 photos per area, and about 15-25 aerial photos. Do we keep... Read More

Flash Back2015

It seems so long ago now – when I received my certification as a Commercial UAV Pilot.  Today, my certification holds strong and has become a major part of my business.  UAV aerial photography to me is really an extension of my photography – another angle or perspective, another marketing... Read More

February – ALREADY!

This… the new website, is proving to have a positive impact with StewArt Photography.  Its specially customised design allows you, the browsers, an efficient experience, making it easier to identify what, who and how StewArt Photography is and does. The major innovation is the biggest success, the ‘Book-Now’ button.  Many... Read More


The New 2017 Website

January 2017 introduces you to the new StewArt Photography website.   One of the biggest new advantages is the Book-Now button.  Click there, complete the short interrogation, and send.  You have booked a job. Also, the site has a great new fresh look, that I am sure will keep you entertained. Read More